Engaging students with Pear Deck in Year 9 Commerce class/ Focus #2

Standards: 1.2; 1.3; 1.5; 2.2; 2.6; 4.5

Observing teachers teaching is a valuable thing but it doesn’t happen very often. Thanks to our interest in Chris’ presentation to the Commerce faculty, Catherine and I were invited to observe Chris’ class to see how he uses PearDeck. Since we are most often in a supportive role, it’s good to support teachers by coming into class if they are comfortable with that, and take the opportunity to document and share the experience. Chris was happy that the post had captured something he would otherwise not have seen. I’m always keen to observe teachers’ use of new ICTs and experimentation. I think the post captures the class community spirit and Chris’ wonderful rapport with his class.

I could see that the use of Pear Deck could be used by teachers from different faculties.

Melbourne High School Library

Chris Bush, Commerce and English teacher extraordinaire, is using Pear Deck to engage his Year 9 Commerce class. Pear Deck is about formative assessment and student engagement. When Catherine and I accepted Chris’ invitation to observe the Pear Deck experience in his class, we were impressed by how students were completely focused on the learning process and on Chris himself. Far from being a lesson requiring students to concentrate on what the teacher is saying for a long period of time with the occasional hand up to answer a question, Pear Deck involves each student simultaneously, and switches between listening, responding, testing, and immediate feedback. Pear Deck provides the teacher and every student with a screen so that students can follow screen content created and controlled by the teacher. Chris also used some good old fashioned note-taking which I think works well in small doses.  I really did like the mix of technology and old fashioned handwriting…

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