We do music like we do sport – full on!/ Focus #2

Standards: 1.2; 1.3; 1.5; 2.2; 2.6; 4.5

Recording and highlighting, sharing and promoting, Chorals Competition.

Melbourne High School Library

The annual Melbourne High School Choral and Instrumental house competition held in our grand Melbourne Town Hall is possibly the most anticipated and most enjoyed of all school events by students, teachers, parents and past students. It attracts the enthusiasm normally reserved for sporting events – the cheering following student performances needs to be experienced to be believed. Melbourne High School students are privileged to have a whole school choral program throughout their schooling. Singing is taken very seriously, and despite the hectic curricular and co-curricular schedule, it is never cancelled.

Richard Gill, who has worked as a musician, teacher, conductor and music director,  , has been a passionate campaigner for music for all students for over 50 years.

Music doesn’t describe, narrate or tell stories. What it does best is evoke, suggest and imply. It can open up the mind of a child in extraordinary ways. The abstraction of music allows them…

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