We host inner city schools curriculum day: differentiation/ Focus #1; Focus #2

Standards: 6.1; 6.2; 6.3; 7.4

This post is about documenting, sharing, promoting, reflecting and evaluating. The library staff enjoyed connecting with Melbourne Uni librarians, learning from conversations about differentiation, with the broad scope of perspectives from other sectors. Networking is so valuable and leads to potentially ongoing conversations and sharing of ideas and resources. Fun should not be underestimated; we organised tea duelling and everyone enjoyed it.

Melbourne High School Library

Last Friday Melbourne High School staff and those from the inner city (‘City Edge’) – namely, Mac.Robertson Girls’, University High School, Melbourne Girls’, Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School, Princes Hill Secondary College and Albert Park College – came together for a curriculum day focusing on differentiation. We gathered in our faculty groups. How lovely to meet with the inner city libraries again – this time in our library.

We started the day with croissants and strawberries – very civilised. The icebreaker name tags were a bit of fun and helped creative juices flow. How lovely to meet with librarians from our neighbouring schools, to exchange ideas and discuss how we differentiate in the library. Differentiation is intrinsic to school libraries since we cater for different age groups, mixed abilities and learning styles, and the whole curriculum, not to mention information and digital literacy skills. We talked about how we…

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