Professional Exchange – PD @MHS/ Focus #1 and #2

Standards: 1.2; 6.1; 6.2; 6.3

I had several ideas for what I could present at our Professional Exchange sessions in term 4 2015. Most of them centred on examples of learning technologies that could potentially enhance teaching and learning, for example, different technology tools to be used for collaborative online annotation, or ways to bookmark and curate websites in the Cloud. It was on my mind through the term 3 holidays but I kept thinking that I really wanted to offer a session just for teachers, just for their own learning and enjoyment without it always being related to their teaching. In the end, after changing my mind a few times, I decided to take a (big) risk and offer a writing challenge. I wrote about it in this blog post.  Of course I had to do it myself before I expected anyone else to do it.  I was worried that nobody would turn up for this session because I’m guessed they might either not see the point or else be intimidated by it.

In fact there was a good turnout for the session (thank you!) and we had a lot of fun together. You can read about it here.



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