Digital writing project – collaborating with people from all over the world #digiwrimo/ Focus #2/Goal 2

Standards: 1.5; 2.2; 3.4; 4.5; 6.1; 6.2; 6.3; 6.4; 7.4


Infographic created by Kevin Hodgson, one of the facilitators of Digital Writing Month.

It’s been a pleasure taking part in Digital Writing Month #digiwrimo for the first time. This kind of professional development is rich and leads to more connections with people who are interesting, creative and generous with their readiness to collaborate and share. I learn so much from these people during the activity and then continue to do so on social media so the learning never stops and the relationships keep developing. My interest group, WIG (Writing Interest Group formerly known as Competition Writing Group), directly benefits from the ideas and resources I glean from my participation in Digiwrimo, and of course they benefit from me being inspired and passionate about writing and connectedness of writers. Next year I hope to draw on the ideas shared in Digiwrimo and other MOOCs to introduce new, engaging activities to WIG students, as well as share these things with English teachers.

Some examples of my participation in Digiwrimo are:

My unofficial geographic CV (scroll down to see the interaction with people also participating);

My ‘As if’ poem inspired by Michelle Pacansky-Brock;

My contribution to the Storyjumper (Chapter 10 of 26), a global, collaborative digital story which I’ve written about here and here.

For me, the best and most satisfying professional development is immersion in collaborative activities with people all over the world – something that leads to ongoing relationships through the use of social media. This is learning from and with people, not just a one-off session about discrete skills or content.


Thinglink created by Wendy Taleo


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