About the map

The blog header is an image created by Aras Bozkurt , mapping the interaction and influence of people (including me) who are part of the cMOOC (connective MOOC*), Rhizo15, and those who are interacting on Twitter.  The image is one of a collection of data visualisations on his slide presentation and also part of his PhD research. I’m @taniatorikova (my Twitter handle) on the map close to the arrow.

Rhizo15 is an online course/community created but not controlled by Dave Cormier in a prescriptive way. It is based on the learning theory, rhizomatic learning, where there is no central node and in which community is the curriculum. This post by Dave describes rhizomatic learning.

Aras Bozkurt’s infographic remixed by Kevin Hodgson

Comic created by Kevin Hodgson

*MOOC = massive open online course