About me

My name is Tania Sheko and I’m a teacher librarian at Melbourne High School. I’ve chosen to write my Professional Development Plan 2015 in the form of a blog which pieces together posts written about my professional learning  in a non-linear sequence. Actually, it’s a kind of autoethnography. We’ll see how it works out…

“The map is not the territory but the map is all we can produce. The map depicts the world we inhabit but it is not the world. This is the tension we live.” (Hamon, 2004: Writing the unreadable untext)

So, to the subtitle: Measurement is not the same as counting. There are some things we cannot and should not count. That is to say we can count them but that won’t identify that which can’t be counted. There is a lot in learning which lies in the spaces between that which can be counted. Many educators have reflected on this. Here is one educator’s reflection. Here is Joe Bower’s post about measurement and assessment.  Sadly I only found out about this post and Joe’s excellent blog after I heard of his premature (age 37) passing yesterday (4 Jan. 2016).



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