Focus #2

Focus #2 Connected learning through the use of social media

Focus description: My aim is to continue to develop a deep understanding of connected learning through participation in online courses and blogging in order to support teachers and students who are experimenting with the use of social media in the classroom.

I also aim to use social media eg blogs to share and reflect on what we do at MHS, both as curriculum and co-curriculum (eg. interest groups, school-supported events.)


  • Amanda Carroll’s 10D class blog, The Great Writing Experiment;
  • Chris Bush’s experiments with ICT (Pear Deck) and use of Facebook for The Merchant of Venice;
  • My co-curricular Writing group and their use of blogging and Facebook group (WIG: MHS writing interest group)
  • Using blogs to document and share library and school events and activities with the school community, local and global communities
  • Developing targeted online networks in order to gather information and online educational resources to support teaching and learning

Rationale: To promote student engagement and connected learning which allows for the co-construction of knowledge and understanding through dialogue and the sharing of ideas using online platforms;

To keep abreast of latest information and educational resources/tools by connecting to experts wherever they are.