Goal 1: Giftedness/Differentiation

My goal is to make a difference to the learning and teaching in the school’s focus on differentiation/giftedness, to increase my connections with teachers across the curriculum in order to collaborate with them in the creation and support of programs through online resources and targeted presentations catering for highly able students.

Therefore I aim to be an intrinsic part of the learning that occurs within the school curriculum and not just an add-on from ‘what the library does’.

In 2015 I will be focusing on developing further the directions taken in 2014 and previous years. I will be working on:

  • making more connections with teachers from different faculties to inform my work;
  • making deeper connections with teachers to ensure high quality resources and teaching;
  • making sure that what I do is relevant and meaningful to teachers and students, and checking this regularly;

Goal 2: Making a difference to informal learning and teaching in the school.

I aim to be an intrinsic part of the learning on the fringes of the curriculum:
  • Competition Writing interest group
  • Makerspace
  • Study Skills
  • information and digital literacies
  • critical literacies

Sub-goal: to break through the limitations of my role as teacher librarian as it is perceived by others; to be recognised as a whole person with personal interests, areas of expertise outside what people decide is associated with a ‘library person’.